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About Us

It's The Bomb / About Us

It’s The Bomb

It’s a dirty clean…

Erotic Soaps, Bubbles, Bombs & More!

We are a “hands on” twisted and naughty: soap, night light, bath bomb, lotion, chocolate and bubbles company. We are Committed; and take great Pride in the quality of every product we manufacture.

We’ve created our own molds with a touch of humor and lots of passion.  We are the first manufacturer to create such an extensive array  of never seen before erotic body shape products in a collection.  We continue to create new and exciting products every day to expand our offerings.

About the soap…Every Titillating soap shape is made by us in our ‘Suzy Bubbles’ Factory. We use the finest combinations of Shea Butters, oatmeal and goats milk with the most arousing non-alcohol, oil based fragrances we can find.  Everything we put into the soap is face make up grade. So, even though our products are absolutely beautiful and fragrant, you can use them as soap!

Unless you need your mouth washed out with soap… Do not insert any of the Suzy Bubbles products into any crevice of your body or your playmates.